The Doctor, a Cyberman and Batman against the Terminator

I have a new story of which I am very proud because of the lighting. I have a new camera and explore all the options, my old one never could have done things like this. I have a street light and a traffic light and the lit TARDIS of course.

For the whole story, please follow the link to my LJ here or click the picture.

There is also a Behind-the-scenes where I explain how I made the houses and street here

 photo Titel 600 x 439.jpg

Deadshot and The Dark Archer from "Arrow"

Long time no see fellow photographers! Check out photos of my first two Arrow action figures. I'm eager to get more of them so I can start making webcomics with them. :D

MERLYN! *Shakes fist*

RIP Arrowverse Deadshot? I hope not! PS I'm particularly proud of this photo especially since Michael Rowe, the actor who played Deadshot, favorited this on twitter. :D